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About Me

I'm Adam Swartz, founder of Cultivate Fitness & Health, and I'm happy you're here.

Fitness to me has always been about something bigger.   It started quite literally:  I was a gangly kid who started  lifting weights in my parents' basement, in a desperate bid to make my biceps bulge.  While I don't know if I ever quite achieved those pre-teen visions of massive muscle (okay, I didn't), what I did get was the beginning of a profound journey that continues to this day.  

Adam Swartz | Owner | Cultivate Fitness

As the years unfolded, my understanding of ‘something bigger’ evolved. It transcended the pursuit of physical ideals to become a journey of increased capacity—the capacity to engage with life more fully, to embrace challenges with resilience, and to find joy in the everyday. It became a profound exploration of wellness that extended beyond the physical, intertwining with mental and emotional well-being. This shift in perspective became the cornerstone of my philosophy, shaping not only how I approach fitness but also how I guide others on their transformative journeys.

My career began way back in the late ’90s in New York City. Over the years, I cultivated a thriving professional practice, eventually becoming a co-founder of Transform Fitness, a personal training studio located in the heart of midtown Manhattan. For a decade, I served as the managing partner, contributing to the growth of a dynamic culture focused on self-development and exceptional training.

Adam Swartz | Formally Fitness Trainer DB Method | Cultivate Fitness

Recently, I concluded an enriching chapter as a fitness executive, where I served as Chief Fitness Officer at The DB Method. This experience allowed me to contribute my expertise to a broader executive level, shaping fitness strategies and initiatives. Serving in this capacity, I gained valuable insights into the industry’s landscape and honed my ability to navigate fitness on both a personal and organizational scale. 

As much as I learned and grew during this time, I found that I really missed the personal connection that comes with directly helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. 


It is because of this that I am now transitioning to a new adventure.  In many ways this is the culmination of what I've learned since the time that gangly kid picked up his first barbell.  I look forward to sharing my understanding of what fitness truly means and how I aspire to help individuals discover its transformative power.


I hope you join me on this empowering journey and we can help you find your path to a strong, flourishing life.

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