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How to Live a Deeper, More Meaningful Life: Strategies for Intentional Living

Fitness, and taking care of our physical bodies, are but one path in a much larger project called life.

Exploring the Meaning of a Deeper Life

The phrase "living a deeper life" has always resonated with me, sparking a persistent curiosity. This blog post, inspired by my recent video, aims to delve into this concept and offer a framework for how we can approach such a profound topic.

Touching on the Concept of a Deeper Life

The world reveals layers of meaning, connectivity, and relationships, but only if we pay attention and intentionally engage with it. When we focus our attention, life unfolds before us in intricate and enriching ways. Conversely, a shallow life might be characterized by distraction and a lack of presence, where, as John Lennon aptly put it, "life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."

Intentional Attention and Engagement

So we can safely say that a deeper life begins with where we place our attention. Living deeply means intentionally engaging the world in a dialectic, allowing our experiences to unfold. We put energy out into the world and the world responds in a myriad of ways.  

Holistic Experience

But living more deeply goes beyond just the intellectual or abstract realms. It’s about integrating our physical, mental, and value-driven experiences.  And here we can now experiment with an initial strategy.

Spheres of Experience

To start living more deeply, consider categorizing your life into different spheres where you can practice intentional engagement:

  1. Physical Sphere: Engage with life physically in ways that challenge and intrigue you. This could involve fitness, creative activities like dance or cooking, or any pursuit that requires you to be present in your body. The physical sphere offers a portal to depth through movement and physical sensation.

  2. Mental Sphere: Pay attention to your thoughts and mindset. Instead of being carried along by ruminative thoughts, direct your attention with intention toward what interests you. This mental engagement helps cultivate a deeper experience of life.

  3. Value Sphere: This sphere involves engaging with questions of good, truth, and beauty. It encompasses art, philosophy, religion, or any area where you define what is important to you. If the term "spiritual" feels uncomfortable, consider it the sphere of values. This sphere provides the foundational value system that guides our lives.

Experiment and Reflect

Use these spheres to experiment with intentional living and observe how it affects you. I invite you to share your thoughts on what it means to live a deep life and any strategies you employ. If you try any of these ideas, please let me know your experiences. Stay tuned for follow-up posts and videos as we continue exploring this topic together.

Thank you for joining me on this journey toward living a deeper, more intentional life.

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