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Building It: Rethinking Fitness and Wellness in the New Year

Updated: Jan 4

Don't crush it, build it.

As the New Year approaches, and we begin to reflect on our goals, we will no doubt be inundated with the encouragement to "crush it."

In the past I may have been--okay I definitely was--guilty of passing along this mantra to myself and to clients. But I've come to a different perspective.

What if, instead of trying to crush our goals, we instead pivot to a more gentle art of building them? Maybe it's the habits that sustain us, the patterns that shape us, the relationships that enrich us, or the vitality that fuels us. In all of these cases and more, the path to a flourishing life can unveil itself as we allow ourselves to build our new experience.

Now, if you're already someone who is indeed regularly and consistently crushing it, go forth and conquer. You're an inspiration. And I'm not saying we need never push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

But I am proposing that taking a long term view of things will inevitably lead us back to a more intentional, moment-to-moment practice of building. Starting with one step, one stone, at a time. Integrating each into our lives in a way that honors where we are now while providing the foundation for future growth. It's like stacking stones—each delightfully irregular piece requires balance and patience in order to create a new layer.

This year, let's find ways to start small and build up. If this sounds abstract, let me know in the comments certain areas of your fitness life you'd like to address, and we can brainstorm some simple ways to move forward.

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